On January 11th, 2020, I walked out of my office building for the last time.

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I didn’t really know what to expect, and felt a little crazy to be honest. But I set goals and got to work right away (actually, a little before).

As I approach my one year anniversary of going my own way, I’m taking some time to reflect on my first year in business.

The money

I made a total of $21,900 revenue in 2020 from freelancing.

Honestly, I missed my goal by about $2,000. When I left my job, I set out to bring in $2,000 each…

In August 2016, I was nearly 2 months into my first post-grad office job, and I was dog-sitting for a friend in the suburbs. I remember standing in the shower, in a huge house that wasn’t my own, and not knowing if I could muster the strength to get to work.

My world was caving in on me. I couldn’t breathe. The tears wouldn’t stop falling.

Looking back, I recognize that the impending death feeling was likely a panic-attack, induced by the realization that I couldn’t afford to live — even with my fancy new $48k/year salary.

Why? My grace…

Check in regularly, manage expectations, and find multiple points of contact

Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

The billing side of freelancing is one that many writers wish we could just ignore. Unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil of running your own show.

As freelancers, we try our best to “wow” our clients. We’re expressive and kind in our emails. We go above and beyond in the content we produce. We gracefully accept revision requests and rush assignments (when asked nicely).

Unfortunately, not all clients play by the same rules.

Most of us don’t send a final invoice until our article has been approved. …

When I ditched my full time job to pursue full time freelancing, I dreamed of success that was tied to commas in my bank account. But three months into the game, I’m making less than I used to and feel financially more secure.

How is that possible?

Now, I was never good with money. I grew up on the lower end of the class spectrum, and never had a good role model when it came to money management. Did I know people who were responsible with money? Sure. …

Mandie Kelleher

Freelance writer lost in my own thoughts. Figuring out my way in life one happy mistake at a time.

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